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Quality Mattresses in North Charleston, SC

When was the last time you changed your mattress? It is probably time to buy a new one if you cannot remember. Mattress Deals carries a full line of quality mattresses in North Charleston, SC. We provide customers with top brand names you know and trust in the industry. Rely on us for your new Serta mattress in Charleston. We have 32 years of experience, so depend on us to match you with a mattress that offers the ultimate in comfort and support at the guaranteed lowest price.

Stop by our mattress store today and select your memory foam mattress utilizing our years of experience and knowledge.

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Please Lie Down

We understand that shopping for a mattress is not a fun thing to do.  It is confusing, frustrating and can be very boring.  We eliminate the confusion, frustration, and boredom.  We make it fun to shop!  Our goal is to arm you with information and knowledge to make a confident buying decision.  Our Sleep Specialists will spend time with you to gain knowledge from you in an effort to eliminate wasting time and show you a variety of affordable mattresses according to the feel and budget feedback you provide to them.  It is important to lie down on the Associate's suggested mattresses to determine comfort level.  Sitting on the edge of a mattress or placing your hands or a knee on the mattress to determine feel does not offer any indication of comfort or support. Sink into a pillow top mattress in Summerville to truely test a mattress.

Lie down from head to toe in your typical sleep position.  We ask you to do this because some mattresses we sell have a greater amount of support in the center third of the mattress where most of your body weight is situated.   Manufacturers add extra steel in this area to prevent a "hammocking" effect which can cause back pressure and pain.  Use one of our pillows to position yourself on the mattress the way you would at home during sleep,   Take as much time as you need to get a feel for the comfort and support of your next queen, king, or full size mattress.  Close your eyes to block out any distractions.  Feedback to our Associate is very crucial in order for he or she to direct you to alternative sleep systems that meet your "feel range" and budget.

If you are a side sleeper, select a mattress we sell that offers extra comfort layers for your shoulders and hips.  A surface that is too firm causes buildup of pressure points and restricts circulation which may result in a tingling sensation.  You experience a less restful night's sleep if your circulation is restricted.  If you sleep with a partner, bring him or her with you so you can both try the mattress.

Important Tip: Avoid looking at too many different mattresses; this will absolutely cause you confusion and anxiety.  You will have a difficult time remembering the feel of each mattress you tested.  You should buy the mattress if it feels right and it meets the budgetary requirements.   Utilize a Mattress Deals Sleep Specialists as an expert educator to assist you with making an informed buying decision.  We are here to serve and educate you.

Budget-Friendly Mattresses

Technological advances in the mattress industry over the past 15 years have dramatically changed sleep support systems.  You will be impressed and surprised at our selection from a twin mattress to pillow top mattresses. Mattress Deals has a mattress for every budget.


It is best to look until you are satisfied and buy the best quality and comfort that you can afford.  Remember that you will spend one third of your 24 hour day during your lifetime on this new bed.   It should support you comfortably for between eight to twelve years depending on the mattress quality selected.  The quality benefits you receive from a good night's sleep will affect the way you feel, age and perform in all aspects of life and living.  Sleep is the most important thing a human being needs to recharge on a daily basis.  Don't deprive yourself of a great night's sleep by cutting corners by selecting a substandard mattress.